In the Rivne region timely treated for traffic police saved the lives of truckers driver (+ photos)

Resident Khmelnytsky Oblast thanked by traffic police Rivnenshchyna indifferent attitude to road users and provided timely medical care. February 27 around 21 pm to the next part received phonea call from a resident of Khmelnitsky region. The woman expressed her sincere gratitude to the leadership UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region, as well as inspectors for timely medical care provided by her father. During their service in permanent posts 1, in the village Oparypsy Radyvyliv region, the State workers noticed a car "Renault Magnum "of the vehicle. The vehicle was moving from the side of Lviv. The nature of the movement of the car caused suspicion inspectors the ability of the driver to safely operate it, because the truck constantly changed lanes and speed. Stop the vehicle traffic police noticed that the driver feels bad, but after a few minutesylyn after stopping altogether lost consciousness. Without wasting a moment inspectors began to provide first aid to the man and immediately called an ambulance. The next day, traffic police gratitude expressed relatives of the patient who left a review on the book offers. A daughter who, by the way, medical officer, said that it operatyvnisNumber and timely help inspectors allowed to save the life of her father. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region