In Vinnytsia in Mogilev-Podolsky discovered and seized about 3 thousand liters of adulterated alcoholic beverages

Mogilev-Podolsky Interdistrict Prosecutor carried procedural guidance in criminal proceedings is included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations on the basis of a criminal offense under Part. 1, Art. 204 (transport for sale of illegally produced alcohol) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. As installed, the unknown person tried to send through a delivery service from Mogilev-Podolsky about 3 thousand liters of adulterated alcoholic beverages under the guise of automotive chemicals. According to the inter-district prosecutor Bogdan Tsvigun, these products werewithout permits, which could indicate the quality of the compliance with ISO and their origin. Now, in criminal proceedings conducted all necessary investigative steps for the study of the crime and the identification of the sender. This was reported in the press service of the prosecution Vinnytsia region