In the Transcarpathian region election commission official fined for corruption Resolution

Uzhgorod district court Transcarpathian region for committing administrative corruption offenses fined and obliged to pay a fine officerelection commission. As the inter-district prosecutor Alexander Uzhgorod Andryshyn: « Uzhgorod Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office was prepared and submitted to the court record of committing administrative corruption offenses relative to the election commission chairman for early presidential elections in Ukraine May 25, 2014(P. V.Solotvyno Uzhgorod district) & raquo ;. It is established that a woman being an official special collegial body authorized to arrange for the preparation and holding of presidential elections in Ukraine, violated the restrictions provided by law Ukraine « On Principles of Prevention and Combating Corruption » and the requirements of the Act on VREregulation of conflicts of interest. So, in violation of the Law of Ukraine « Ukraine Presidential Election & raquo ;, it intentionally, unreasonably, without a decision election commission members, in order to obtain undue advantage, PSC decision was, according to which illegally received a one-time cash award. In addition, asth same way it provided a one-time cash award and his son – PEC members. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region