In Vinnitsa region contains a list of land proposed for investment projects

surveyors Vinnytsia region identified 58 investment attractive business land, ownership or lease rights which may be offered for sale on land sales. The largest land area proponuyetsya convey to investors on a competitive basis in Kozyatyn (130 ha), Tyvrovsky (51 ha), Khmilnytskyi (27.7 ha) Lipovetsky (25 ha), Pogrebischenskom (20.5 ha) areas and in Vinnitsa (80.1 ha ). In total, according to the main control Goszemagentstva in the area of ??land from state and municipal property for investment developmTIB offered 432.6 hectares. These plots are for the construction of industrial, commercial and recreational use, housing, location logistics centers and regional wholesale markets of agricultural products of road infrastructure. In our ongoing and fruitful contact Roboty with potential investors towards the settlement of issues arising from the implementation of investment projects by the Head of Regional State Administration established a working group in support of investors headed by Deputy Head of Regional State Administration. Activities of the group allows you as soon as possible, theozhlyanuty possibility of realization of the project in the region, its feasibility, identify the social impact of the implementation of this project, to provide advice on obtaining the necessary permits. One focus of this group is to analyze the existing investment potential of the region, including land that canb be offered for investment projects. As 01.02.2015r. working group for analysis provides information about 194 prospective dilyankok land for investment projects, of which 128 type greenfield (free development) and 66 brownfield type (land with buildings). However, in order to attract potential, etc.vestoriv in the specialized web resource - investment portal Vinnichiny - Investment potential of the region, the projects offered to investors for implementation, launch point for the implementation of projects, including the aforementioned free land and idle production capacity, covered onThis site in three languages ??and is regularly updated. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration