In Khmelnytsky eliminated conventional fire rescue and evacuate students from the medical college dorm

February 12 at the hostel Chemerovets'kyi Medical College held fire and tactical training on the topic: « Interaction operational services and administration about ’ objects during fire suppression & raquo ;. During the study was PereviRenault rapid response to emergency personnel in the event of the 20th state of the Fire and Rescue town. Chemerivtsi, 30th State Fire and Rescue post town. Zakupne and operational services and administration about the district center ’ object. For tactical plan, in one of the rooms on the second floor of the dormitory as a result of short-circuitI electrical fire that took place at the time of arrival of the first fire and rescue units spread over an area of ??50 square meters. m. The rescuers quickly organized space exploration fire, evacuate students and staff, and eliminated the conventional fire. Meanwhile, doctors Central Hospital assisted « postrazhdalym & raquo ;. REM disabled workers dormitory building of power and law enforcement agencies provide public order and the safety of road ruhu.postrazhdalym islya training rescuers reminded the staff were their actions in case of emergency, students and roses ’ yasnyly how to behave when you are notified ofpenetration of an emergency, shelling, bombing, terrorist attacks and proved them information about ’ objects that can be used for shelter. In conclusion, the study leader said that the fire and rescue units operational service area and staff dormitory cope with the tasks during the training objectives.District Chemerovets'kyi sector PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region