Volyn region, held training units and service of civil protection in strategically important industrial enterprise

February 27 in Lutsk with participation of emergency response held training personnel actions, management and formations of civil defense strategically important manufacturing plant « Modern-Expo » toemergency. During training the officials worked with the company organization and conduct practical evacuation of staff working in the store because of the shelling and works in the aftermath of an emergency. Upon receipt of introductory exercise « & raquo ;, bombingresponsible officials of the company organized the hull output 5 in special underground storage, checked the availability of staff and ’ yasuvaly that no two men. In their quest dispatched volunteers from ’ found that a person is under the rubble. Another worker « received » leg injury. Yom experts came to the aid medical team enterprises Trans ’ yazaly wounds and left fixing up the damaged tire on the victim. Disaster Medicine Service Brigade took him to the hospital. For the work to save another victim who was under the rubble conventional building structures, engaged fighterand rescue parts that using special equipment « liberated » man from the explosion damaged structure elements. To extinguish the fire that occurred as a result of the shelling, the first members began voluntary fire brigades about ’ facility – of internal fire water supply they filed barrel per hectareseed and were able to localize the fire before the arrival of the next sub rescue « 101 & raquo ;. Rescuers state formations Management DSNS in Volyn region involved in compressed air units and as part gazodymozaschitny service units worked with fire suppression actions on the shop floor. To survey the territory of enterprisesprises for the presence of conventional explosive pyrotechnic items arrived group work, which experts « removed » dangerous ammunition. As a result, exercise determined that leadership, supervisors object units operational rescue rescue « 101 » and other civil defense Lutsk thTovey to perform tasks with emergencies in the industry. Such training will continue on other infrastructure facilities for the area under government approved schedule. Management DSNS in Volyn region