Rivne region, personnel of pyrotechnic works PG DSNS held a three-day admission fee for the work of detection, neutralization and destruction of explosive remnants

in 2015. In the period from 25 to 27 February lasted three-day theoretical and practical assembly of pyrotechnics rescue special unit prizeMain Directorate-identification DSNS in Rivne region of admission to perform work on the identification, disposal and destruction of explosive remnants in 2015. Final assembly passed the practical part of the territory of 233 training area. In the educational field tested pyrotechnics knowledge on types and forms vybuhonebezpechnyh objects of their basic properties in case of unauthorized explosion safety regulations when transporting hazardous cargo. However, to master the issues of search and destroy explosive objects, undermining elements of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions, pyrotechnic unit DSNS To sendelimination of ice jams and ice on rivers Rivne protection of bridges and waterworks during the ice drift, the ability to provide first aid at common injuries Mine abdominal hemorrhage and traumatic shock. Also in conjunction with deminers-rescuers worked through standards Explosives NDEKTS Police Department in equalEnsk area. PG DSNS in Rivne region