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In Chernihiv region firefighters during fire suppression found the body of an elderly woman

February 27 at 5:59 to the Rescue "101" in Kozelets district received information about the fire of a private house in the village. Krasilovka. Prior to the scene firefighters arrived 5th State Fire and Rescue parts of Kozelets and professional office from the village fireOlyshivka. Through efficient and coordinated efforts of rescuers locate the fire at 6:20, and at 7:15 finally eliminated. The fire destroyed the roof and ceilings damaged wall of a house. During the elimination of fire in one of the rooms house firefighters found the body of 88-year-old mistress. The preliminary cause of the fire was theno fire rozdilky between the chimney and furnace house wooden structures overlap. Rescuers State Emergency Service of Ukraine turning the population to advance care for the health of the device heating. It is necessary to clean the soot zashparuvaty cracks and whitewash heating furnace. The complex of measures etc.ozvolyt you avoid fires, to save his life and those around you. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region