Chernihiv region, rescuers had training in underwater demining

On February 26 Chernihiv underwater demining experts department rescue squad Specialty Regional Office DSNS Ukraine had a workout with deep well in poor visibility and presence on the water layer of ice cover. With tim searching for days worked explosive remnants of attachment and rise to the surface by means of rope. Despite the fact that rescuers had to work a few hours in the icy water, they have coped with all the tasks. Note that this branch was established in 2013 and is equipped with modern equipment and technicalwe means. It consists of 6 highly skilled professionals who have appropriate experience and received additional training in diving performance for different purposes. The personnel department has repeatedly saved the people in the water, and was involved in inspection of water areas, the technical condition of underwater partswaterworks and pipelines. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region