In the Transcarpathian region manager Vynogradiv police met with residents of the village Forks

Yesterday Vynohradivskyi police department chief Anatoly Shkyrta met with residents of the village of Forks. The meeting was held at the Village Council. The meeting was attended by the head of the village council Joseph Kilby, asset village and ordinary citizens. Subfieldkovnyk police Anatoly Shkyrta opened the meeting with words that are very important for police cooperation with the population. Such cooperation will help to quickly and effectively solve pressing issues, population problems. Improve inform law enforcement of non-compliance institutions, businesses and individuals.The head of police department said that effective cooperation of the police with the public will benefit all, for citizens' interests are protected. And the police, in most cases, be able to prevent violations of the law. The meeting discussed the criminal situation in this village, the problem of selling alcohol and tobacco products to minors tand mobilization issues. - It is through common and effective action the public and law enforcement level of enforcement in the area will certainly improve - assured the police chief Anatoly Vynogradiv Shkyrta. Oksana Kobzarenko Vinogradov District Police