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In the Transcarpathian region in the Grand March students and teachers on alert to evacuate

Recently shelter in the village of Great Bereznyj held training of civil defense in which practiced evacuation of children and adults to defenses. In training was attended by 250 students and members of staff of the local boarding schoolI-III. When anxiety educational sector representatives District DSNS provided methodological support for actions on if possible emergencies. According to legend, railroad, which is located near the school, the accident occurred. As a result, there was a decompression tank with ammonia, which threatened the lives and health ’ S children. Bidtak students with teachers and the rest of the staff quickly evacuated to temporary shelters radiation, located in the basement of the building. Here all participants exercise took place in a special room and put on respirators for respiratory protection. Over the course of the evacuation watched rescuers who exercises indicated by the resultand representatives of the institution to further disadvantages for their removal. At the end of a fight DSNS held for school lecture on civil protection, in particular reminded procedure in detecting explosive devices. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region