In Lviv police asked to volunteer witnesses an accident

February 26, 2015 to the duty of the State of the city was informed of the medical establishment that appealed to them, 22-year-old woman who reported injuries resulting from the accident. According to the woman, the same day around 19.30 rewardsus in Lviv at the intersection vul.Stryyska-scientific unknown driver, driving an unidentified car hit made it and went from the scene. Because avtonayizdu pedestrian injured and after medical care was delivered. In addition, yesterday around 23.00 hours on the street. Science, 13 unidentified driver, driving nevstanovlenym vehicle made obstacle incident – about Red Light ’ object pedestrian and fled from the scene. Because accidents lights are now damaged. Traffic carried out normally. Guardians are asked to volunteer everyone who has any information about the circumstances of the road transpoortnyh accidents and other data that can assist drivers in finding runaway. Please call « 102 » or (032) 238-40-27 in another part of the State of the city. Office of the State of the city