In Vinnytsia in Tulchin police detained a criminal group, which counts more than a dozen robberies and burglaries in Tulchin

police officers detained a criminal group, consisting of six locals. Over the past two years, the young men committed a robbery and a dozen burglaries in three districts of Vinnitsa region. For SLovamy Deputy Chief of Internal Affairs Alexander Hlyanka three attackers operatives detained during the commission of a crime, the next day people were set and arrested three other accomplices. The members of the criminal group for 2014 and this year commit theft from private homes, cottages, garages, warehouses, farms. Oninvolvement front set of 14 crimes in the Nemirovsky, Tomashpil and Tulchinsky areas. In particular, they committed robberies apartments alien. Breaking into dwelling, criminals masked host took jewelry and valuables. From the warehouse of an enterprise group members kidnapped about tonsand cheese, is captured in a single entrepreneur about half a ton of nuts. The facts of criminal activities of a criminal group opened several criminal proceedings on the facts of theft committed with penetration into the premises in accordance with Part 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and 185 robbery of penetration into the housing part 3 st.186 Criminal Code of Ukraine. For such an offense providedpenalty of imprisonment for up to eight years. Ongoing investigation. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region