The experiment with in Khmelnytsky single patrol police as a result of practical implementation proved its effectiveness

patrol the streets under the new European method using "universal" police patrols that can fully serve as on supervision of public order and for road districtuhom has proved its effectiveness. This was told at a briefing in the management of MIA of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region confined practical completion stage of the experiment, which lasted for the last three months. More November 1, 2014 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine announced a radical reform of the system of internal affairs, inchatok which put the experiment on the basis of Khmelnytsky City Police Department. Recall, then it was decided to set up in a single patrol police, who eventually replace the streets of settlements of road patrol and the State Patrol is existing units of public order. Practical emup trial began November 24 and lasted three months. During this period, the Interior Ministry and the regional administration worked special working groups that analyzed the leading international experience, adaptovuvaly it to Ukrainian realities and tried to bring "universal scheme" patrols that would allow most effectively provide the rightorder in public places and on roads with minimal cost of human and technical resources. A thorough analytical work combined with practical tests gave a positive result. - We have reduced the number of robberies, serious bodily injury, and most importantly - reduced the number of street crimes. Improved disclosure pravoporushHeugnes, - says head of Khmelnytsky City Police Department Basil Ptaschuk. - There is also a point of prevention. In the city in one shift operates six car patrols. From the experiment recorded 1383 cases to assist the citizens of a single law enforcement patrol. This consultation and response to offensesand prevention. The only patrol in Khmelnytsky working in three shifts: 9:00 to 17:00 on routes leaving six patrol crews and helping them ten foot patrols. From 19:00 to 01:00 are the same number of cars, but has 20 hiking clothes, and the morning the guard in four cars and three foot patrols. Deputy HeadMinistry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region Havryliuk Roman said that thanks to the new scheme has significantly increased the speed patrol police responses to the challenges of citizens. Now that's an average of eight minutes. - Simultaneous patrolling the city six cars significantly speeds up work. In addition, GPS-assist sensors show that the crew isI am closer to the call - Roman V. accents. The fate of the experiment will be resolved soon. It is possible that the result will be a significant basis for the organization of the new patrol police in Kiev. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast