In Lutsk 71st session of the City Council continued to work

71 st session of the City Council continued to work. The deputies decided to "On approval of the municipal institution" inter-school teaching - Production Plant of the City Council "and" On Amendments to the decision of the City Council of 26.01.2012 20/89 On the functioning of municipal enterprisesand "Lutskreklama." After discussing, they adopted additional measures to support Ukrainian producer. The solution provides oblige undertakings which carry wholesale, retail trade activities in the city of Lutsk, take special measures to inform consumers about the products of Russian origin by carryent significant labeling marked "Goods of the Russian Federation" with drawing of the flag of the Russian Federation and / or indicating that information on the price tags and by placing these products on separate shelves. The solution involves goods considered Russian origin goods produced, packaged, assembled, grown on siteRussian Federation. MPs in their speeches noted that this decision is the logical continuation of initiatives Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk, which was advisory in nature and gave a positive result. Elect community also expressed gratitude to the management of business and advertising City Council for outreach, which washeld on labeling usefulness of Russian goods. This was reported in Lutsk City Council

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