In Ternopil positive growth narodzhuvnosti

population in 2014 decreased by 4,000 people and is 1,070,076 people. The main cause of population decline is a natural field decline in population and migration, director of the Health Department of Ternopil RSA Wallodymyr chickens during the board meeting of the Department of Health, on 26 February. According to him, the demographic situation that prevailed in 2014, characterized by a decrease in fertility, mortality and increase the overall rate of natural increase. "In 2014 was born in 11717 children, 90 children lesse than last year. As per 1 thousand. Population birth rate is 10.9 (-11.0 in 2013). Reduced fertility in 2014 compared to last year observed in 7 districts of the region ", - said Vladimir. He also noted that the overall mortality rate in 2014 increased in absolute terms to 498 persons per year15180 people died (2013 -14 682), so performance overall mortality is 14.9 against 13.7 in 2013. "Natural population growth is negative and -3.24 vs. -2.7 in 2013 - continued Director of Health RSA. - Thus, in the continuing process of depopulation. Positive growth is onlyin Ternopil and is 3.5 and 0.2 Buchachsky region. " According to Acting Deputy Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Babiychuk negative indicators related to economically and politically unstable situation in the country. "2014 - Year of the revolutionary events and changes, so it is no surprise that the numbers are the same - said Ivan G.. - However, I believe that this year, after we win the aggressor, the situation will improve. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration