Pallyatyvnaya medicine in the regions

As reported Internet portal: Sveti deklaryruemoy government (and has not pervm) reform in the sphere of Health, one IZ voprosov, kotorh uniquely kosnutsya These Changed javljaetsja pallyatyvnaya medicine. For technical somebody sovsem not aware of the given concepts, pallyatyvnaya medicine - is Kompleksnye raSet as medytsynskoy science otvechayuschyy for development and methods Introduction oblehchenyya STATUS patient in the situation, when yne Treatment Methods neffektyvn exhausted and in general (for example, the timing poslednyh inoperable cancer). Especially sharply this question chuvstvuetsya A drive from the center, the peripherals in the province, where podobnoy question Render assistance stoiso true as well (and Perhaps More and true), and As in the capital. According poslednym Statement Mynzdrava country, his apparatus and Employees Responsible for This is already prorabatvayut scheme Quality Improvement podobnoy assistance ostronuzhdayuschymsya patients. According to an official comment on the Deputy Minister of Health Dmitry Kostennykova, in violation of aHeugnes prorabatvaemh mayor vhodyat: - Expansion perechnya prymenyaemh obezbolyvayuschyh drugs; - Introduction to otechestvennh-power production analogues of imported drugs; - Optimization of access to medicines neobhodymm; - Provision medpomoschy usovershenstvovanye scheme, Attraction psychologists. Primary problemoy, kotoraja meshaet ffektyvnat vnedryat novshestva in life, in the words Kostennykova, javljaetsja lack kvalyfytsyrovannh specialists Or nedostatochny s Level Preparation, not least sootvetstvuyuschyy View full in sovremennm Call.