Chernivtsi region: 4 overnight fire happened on one of which killed

people On February 26 Sokyryany village settlement area in a house fire. On fire killed the owner of the house. Since the area of ??the fire was small and was self fire-rescue units to the scene were not called. A man born in 1954neighbor found without signs of life. The body is aimed at CME city Sokyriany to determine the cause of death. Cause of the fire management specialists DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region. Another fire broke out at 23 o'clock on the street Pervomayskaya Storozhynets city. Flame ’ through the window I noticed a passerby reported and neighbors who are chAli and immediately called the fire brigade. Due to the late notification of fire covered the entire house, the fire area was 100 sq. M. At the scene were sent two fire-rescue department of the city Storozhynets. Firefighters quickly locate and subsequently eliminated fire. The fire damaged coatingsvlyu floors and residential building, partial destruction of household items. The cause is under investigation. That same night at spetsliniyu « 101 » about 1:00 it was reported another fire in an apartment building city Storozhynets. To place a call came fire and rescue unit Storozhynets city and local fireto guard the village stone ’ Yang. Upon arrival at the scene, the fire had engulfed the entire building. The first priority was preventing rescuers transfer located near the fire to houses. The preliminary cause of the fire careless handling of fire while smoking. From the beginning, in the Chernivtsi region emerged 131 fires, which bendulo 11 people. Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region appeals to citizens, city ’ Note that fire, which killed people often arise from the human factor. Compliance with fire regulations does not require any super citizens, but makes it possible to save lives and health ’ i. Press Service of Ukraine UDSNSin Chernivtsi region