In eastern Ukraine has killed 15 rescuers, 28 - were wounded and 1

in captivity Currently, the east has about a thousand rescuers stateservice Emergency and 200 vehicles. Even under fire fighters they continue to eliminate the effects of fire and emergencies. Daily detects and eliminates youbuhonebezpechni items apart piles of residential buildings, saving people. Risking their lives are sent to civilians drinking water supply needed food and building materials. But terrorists always prevent rescuers to do their work. Militants fire destroyed parts stolen fire-ryatuvalna equipment. At this time, terrorists have destroyed 126 buildings civil service Emergency in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, 34 vehicles, 73 thousand pieces of property rescue units. Thus, the existing in the Donetsk region of 25 units and 6 fire stations on the territory controlled by Ukraine left 10 Detachmentss and 3 parts. In the Luhansk region with 28 units left 13pidrozdiliv. The total amount of damage reaches 900 million. In addition, the militants are aiming attacks on themselves and rescuers. Currently in eastern Ukraine has killed 15 rescuers, 28 – and 1 wounded in captivity. Among the dead – rescue workers who died from gunshot wounds and shrapnel in Gorlivka, Lysychansk, Yasinovataya, Shahtersk, Makiyivka. Two employees DSNS were tortured terrorists in cities Miusynsk Lugansk region and Avdiyivka Donetsk region. In addition, terrorists fired and Rescue helicopters. For example, in June last busment near Chuhuiv (Kharkiv region) were found fragments of the helicopter squadron Special DSNS Ukraine who has a flight from the airport “ Nizhin ” the airport “ Chuhuiv ” (Kharkiv region). On board were four crew members, all of them died. Another employee DSNS killed during combatFirst task by helicopter near the town of Words ’ yang. One of the latest cynical self-proclaimed terrorist crimes « DNR » about our rescue was carried out 24 January. Then they are once again making a war crime, captured 29-year-old sergeant civil defense one of the fire and rescue units untilittskoyi area. Following from Donetsk to the city by car Avdiyivka when viewed on Yasinuvatska checkpoint, he was detained militants only because in his car found a form of rescue. Bandits charged him with dyversanstvi. The body tortured lifeguard with traces of brutal torture a few days ago foundthe territory controlled by terrorists in Yasinuvata. Reported mother who recognized his son. But terrorists banned relatives take flesh in our area! We note that rescuers DSNS Ukraine in the occupied territory of Donbass perform tasks for the intended purpose, save and protect the population in case of emergencysituations. During military conflicts that occurred at different times in the world, the parties always respect the rescue and medical services in situations of emergency and start shelling these services were able to withdraw to a safe area, and after the cessation of hostilities conflicting parties are not prevented rescuers and physicians vykonuvati their work. Press office DSNS Ukraine