In the Volyn region rescuers trained to eliminate accidents at facilities Energy

February 25 in Vladimir-Volyn held training to eliminate conditional extreme events in a city branch PAT « Volynoblenergo & raquo ;. The exercises due to the strong wind in Vladimir-Volyn partial destruction happened in Mayansformatornoyi substation; This has led to the leakage of 160 liters oil that could ignite at any time. As a result of the accident were de-energized pumping station on the street Shevchenko Hrushevskoho academic buildings and dormitories Agrotechnical College. Complicated the situation is another factor: the damage occurred due to gas leaka gas distributor in the enterprise. For the recovery of conditional crash rescuers were involved DPRCH-7 in Vladimir-Volyn, as well as members of other operational services of the city. Upon notification by the threat of an event or a place of conventional disaster came another guard DPRCH-7, which efficiently prevent possible withahoryannyu transformer oil. Meanwhile, the crew of Energy held events with blackout bad about ’ objects and gas service workers by stopping the flow of gas, liquidated damage the gas distributor and resumed its operation. Summing up exercises, participants focused on all the key moments of emergency-vidnovlyuvalnyh work to achieve the most concerted and effective action in case of real necessity. UDSNS in Volyn region