Zhytomyrski police won the regional "Games of 2014"

In Sports Society "Dinamo" summarized interagency championships last year and awarded the winners. The new year opened two sports championship chess and futsal. February 25 at the DSF "Dynamo" in Zhytomyr ceremony upwardsodzhennya winners "Games of 2014", which took place between the sports teams of law enforcement agencies in the region. As a result of seven championships runner team of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region, so the police and was considered a standout annual Sports Day. However, in the Sports Society announced begunfor this year's competition. So the Olympics start a new championship chess and futsal. Participation in it took 17 teams traditionally regional police units, DSNS, Security, prison service, customs and border guards. Chess tournament ended in victory for the unique representatives of the police. Won the individual championship detective sector to combatCybercrime MIA Zhytomyr Maxim Meleshko and Operational Duty Volodarsk Volyn police department Viktor Lavrenchuk. Parallel competition chess in Sport long hard struggle for victory in the championship of futsal. The results of the matches in the semifinals of the mini-field sports teams clashed with police andkordonnykiv and rescue customs officials. With the same 3: 1 in favor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and teams UDSNS last reached the final. Finally, the police gave rescuers were bare and bronze medals at this year's first Futsal Championship. The police did not fall into despair, because the Olympics only begun. They say revenge ustyhnutin these competitions. - For us, the police, physical training is just as important as legal. Active participation in such championships and repeated our victory they are a shining example of what sport to Zhytomyr law enforcement is not just important, but necessary for fitness - says the head of UPment staffing MIA Zhytomyr Maxim Kaptenko. So still wish all participants continue striking victories and high athletic performance. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region