80 thousand equation accumulate their money by "Piggy" Privat

clients a convenient storage "Piggy Bank" are more than 80 thousand customers Privat, residents of Rivne. "Piggy Bank" - is a convenient service that makes it easy to save money and quietly. Savings can choose any convenientoption: save money on each receipt or expense on a map, rounded to 1 USD, 10 USD or 100 USD (renting "Kopylku"), regular transfer a fixed amount every month or round off the balance on the card at the end of the day to 10 or 100 USD. "Avoid surprises all of us, but a pleasant surprise in a significant amount of money - give each ofplowing pleasant and positive benefit. - Says Deputy Director, Head of "Credit Card" Northwest District Privat Alina Kaninets. - Accumulated, you can buy such an expensive and coveted such a thing. For this service, and is designed to "Piggy". Every day, quietly, we accumulate with user-friendly software to replenish your "Ckarbnychky "and then get the gifts. In addition to the amount of accumulation is charged a high percentage. " On balance "Piggy" is automatically charged 20% per annum! Also, remove the accumulated funds or a portion of these funds at any time without any restrictions in the form 24/7/365, including from home using simple andFree call the contact center, Internet banking Privat24 or a mobile application. Mobile application for service users "Piggy Bank" allows you to see how much money has been collected in the coin box, easy to customize storage conditions, and view the amount of replenishment for a month or six months. Funny pig that is afraid of tickling and shmuye without coins will help keep track of your savings by using a mobile application. She always tells you how much money is in the "Kopyltsi 'and help collect even more. With Mumps is easy! Privat finished 2014 with a net profit of $ 749 million USD, and the work of the bank was profitable for all 4 quarters of the past, theeye. Assets Privat results for 2014 amounted to UAH 204.6 billion loan portfolio over the past year increased by 13.2% - up to 161.3 billion USD. The amount allocated to the bank accounts of client funds since the beginning of 2014 increased by 6% - up to 141.3 billion USD. Today the bank serves 14.6 million retail customers and 334 thousand. Corporate clients.In Regions Bank are 2 434 branches, 7537 ATMs and 12,165 self-service terminals.