In Vinnytsia opened in Ladyzhin updated emergency department (+ photos)

City hospital in Ladyzhin have updated the emergency Ladyzhyn territorial medical associations (TMO). Nearly 1.5 million. UAH was spent to overhaul facilities and purchase new equipment. Of which 1 million provided companExposure DTEK owner Ladyzhyn TPP framework of social partnership and city Ladyzhyn, another 500 thousand. UAH., provided Vinnytsia poultry farm" which is part of MHP. Repairs to the emergency room, which is not known Updates for 30 years, lasted for almost a year - from April 2014 During this time, the department improved office etc.yymalnoho quarters, offices. Reconstructed and entry ramp for ambulances. He became wider and now partially covered by a canopy designed to protect from rain patients brought to the hospital in ambulance gurney. The department completely replaced furniture, doors, windows with energy-efficient. Outside the building well insulated. Without Dr.opomohy investors city budget is unlikely to osylyv such work, says Mayor Valery Kolomyeytsev. "It is clear that the local budget, we would not have done the job. You can call ten names who did and who has initiated this nice event, but of course, first of all, bow heads DTEK who created Agency (mistsevoho economic development, - Lada.FM), who walked here almost a million hryvnia to perform this task. We slightly gathered and sent here for help MHP - 500 thousand. UAH., Agent. Think about it: half a million directed. Through these businesses and we were able to do it "- says Mayor Ladyzhin. In addition, Valery Circlemyeytsev noted that investors support of local communities is critical, because the economic crisis can only be a community, but do not develop. According to the mayor, the annual budget Ladyzhin reported 20 million environmental tax on Ladyzhyn TPP. Almost 5.2 million. Thousand. USD. DTEK Social Investmentwalked to the city in 2014 as part of social partnership. But energy market borhuye generating companies around 4 billion USD, including 2 billion. DTEK and this, according to the mayor, threatens compatible plans to fill the budget Ladyzhin 2015. However, that social cooperation between Ladyzhin and DTEK will continueappliance only, despite the difficult times for power, confirmed director DTEK Ladyzhyn TPP Alexander Bobrik. "For three years in a partnership company has invested 11 million order. UAH., In local projects. And this does not end our cooperation. We now proceed to the development phase of a new three-year program where you, as city residents will be able to givetheir wishes else we need joint efforts with local authorities to improve, "- he said. In turn, present at the event, Deputy Director of the Department of Health and Resorts Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Dmitry Belous said the opening of the renewed emergency Ladyzhin was the first major event in the medical fieldand Vinnichchine this thing and hoped that the cooperation of local authorities and investors for the benefit of the community will continue. "We are pleased with the Department, to see such care and local government leaders (enterprises, - Lada.FM), which located on your premises, these powerful groups. In order to make this beauty for health professionals. Tim alone ", - says Dmitry Belous. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration