Volyn region, rescuers had comprehensive training for healthcare facilities

February 24 hospitals in central towns Ivanichi occurred comprehensive training in emergency response at about ’ yektah infrastructure Ivanychiv area under the chairmanship of district administration Fedor Ivanychi Voytyuk. Bytactical plan due to depressurization of flange ’ union gas pipe medium pressure gas pipeline explosion came, followed by burning gas in a boiler. As a result of – damaged boiler wall partially destroyed and damaged floors of the building. In place of conventional emergency situation was injured person. Given the scale of the conditionalher accident, it demanded the elimination of clear, operational and coordinated actions of all emergency response services. Therefore, exercise, except rescue DPRCH-18 village Ivanovich, were also involved representatives of other mobile services task force emergency response – regular brigade emergency medical care, gas service, housing-Communal service district branch « & raquo ;, Volynoblenergo and law enforcement officials and police. As a result, all employees comprehensive training services improved theoretical skills and practical skills in the aftermath of an emergency and assist victims. In addition, even took into account Mr.aymenshi flaws in the work, as if the accident happened in reality, participants exercise would not be entitled to the least error. On the eve of such learning capabilities of civil protection Manevychi held at the Central Hospital. UDSNS in Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/