Transcarpathian police arrested the killer elderly woman

Being under the influence okovytoyi, 33-year-old resident of the village Bala?er that Beregovo, struck 82-year-old villagers numerous strikes, resulting pensioner died. Attackers arrested, he faces imprisonment for up to ten years. Late evening for another part of the coastment police department received a call from the 82-year-old resident of the village Bala?er. A woman reported that her just beat odnoselchanyn. By place of residence of the pensioner immediately went investigative team. How do I find police, about ten o'clock summer house mistress heard a knock on the door and left open. Nothing evil pensionerno idea, because it was waiting to visit a relative. When the door opened, immediately got hit in the face ... The frightened grandmother began to ask intruder did not touch her, saying that she will give him all their savings. However monster, despite pleas old, continued to beat her hands and feet. The victim ambulances additionalOmogoy Beregovo was taken to the district hospital where she, as a result of his injuries, died two days later. In the course of forensics in old were found multiple fractures of the ribs, collarbone, bruised lungs and heart. Law enforcement officers accused murderer old for "hot pursuit", it was 33-year-old odnoselchanyn murdered.Operatives arrested the man at his home. The involvement of the commission of murder eloquently testified numerous blood stains on his clothes and shoes. The motive of his terrible deed killer could not explain the action of writing off all the "green snake" ... On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.121 Criminal Code of Ukraine (intentionale grievous bodily harm, which caused the victim's death). Assassin's old facing imprisonment for a term of seven to ten years. - Relatively suspect a preventive measure - detention, he kept in detention centers - the head Berehiv police department Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas chicken. - In order todrop in trouble, do not open the door to strangers. Ask purpose of the visit. If the person seems employee of any agency, such as the police, social services, the Red Cross, gas facilities and energy networks, etc. - ask them to show supporting documents. Be careful! John Denysyuk Beregovsky District Police