Exactly: the order of the bereaved families of participants antiterrorist operation status "member of the family of the deceased"

According to the Department of Labor and Social Welfare, in accordance with paragraph 7 "Regulations on the procedure for issuing certificates and badges war veterans", approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 12.05.1994 year 302,"Driving a family member of the deceased" issued by the labor and social protection at the place of the citizen. According to Article 10 by the Law of Ukraine "On the status of war veterans, guarantees of their social protection" applies to military families, guerrillas, underground, combatants in other ferzhav equivalent to persons referred to in Articles 6 and 7 of this Act who died (missing) or died as a result of injury, concussion or injury received while protecting the homeland or perform other military duties (duties) and due to diseases associated with being at the front or will receivetion during military service or in other countries during the war and conflict. To the family members of the victims (those missing) soldiers, partisans and others mentioned in this article include: - Dependents of the deceased or the one who was missing, which therefore paid pension; - Parents;- A spouse who is not married again, regardless of whether it is paid a pension or not; - Children who do not have (and had) their families; - Children with their families, but became disabled before reaching the age of majority; - Children, both of whose parents have died or disappeared. According to the clarification of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine 16.09.2014, The number 10518/0 / 14-14 / 06 and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine of 26.08.2014 287/6/1956 to establish the status of "member of the family of the deceased" to the families of those killed members of the antiterrorist operation should be given to branches on Social Protection district administration, the executive committee of the regional city locatnite following documents: - Confirm the stay in the area and direct participation of the deceased (deceased) operations against terrorism; - Confirming the fact of death or the death of a soldier, a person of ordinary and officers of the Interior; - Extract from the order to expel the dead (deceased) from the lists Personasovogo of the military unit; - Death certificate soldier; - Extract from the minutes of the military medical commission to establish causality diseases, injuries, contusions, injuries, injury to ex-servicemen (persons enlisted and officer corps) to the performance of military duties (service required'Bonds), participation in anti-terrorist operations; - Birth certificate former soldier (s enlisted and officer corps) - to establish the status of the parents of the deceased (deceased); - Child's birth certificate - to establish the status of the child (children) killed (deceased) soldier; - Copies of passport pagesadult family members of the deceased (deceased) soldier. This was reported in the Rivne City Council

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