Vinnitsa police donated blood to save a child's life Vinnitsa

police officers responded to the tragedy of a large family and donated blood to save the 6-year-old Dennis Protsenko, who suffers from leukemia. According to head of staffing MIA Inna Stakhovsky, Vinnytsia police are always ready to help,especially when it comes to saving human life. Ten employees of the regional administration and seven special unit "Jaguar" responded to the request of the public to immediately help small Vinnytsia, which is fighting for life in a regional children's hospital. As explained by the Head of the Department of Vinnytsia Oblast transfusion stationsSergey Pridatchenko blood, leukemia - a very serious disease, treatment of which, in addition to drugs, needs human blood cells that are not replaced by any chemicals. - In this case, only a piece of living donor can help a child survive. This little boy give hope to the police that his act saves his life. It so happened that a waZHKO blood to pick up the child - yesterday examined the blood of 12 people and no donor is not approached. As a result of today's examination, the blood of one of the police officers who came to help small Denis, suitable for making the necessary preparations. Inspector Staff MIA Tatiana Ovsyuk which immediately respond to a request familysave the baby, says that will be happy if he can save the boy's life. After all, as a mother, she understands that nothing is more important than life. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region