In the Zhytomyr region through a broken stove heating almost burned down the house

February 12 at 13:58 on the item called ’ communications 26th state of the Fire and Rescue village Romanov received information about a fire in a building that is located in the village. Razin. To rescue « 101 » Neighbors called the owner of the burning home, whichseen from the window of thick smoke. The owner of the apartment lives with his old lady mother ’ S disabled. A woman can not move because the son with the neighbors helped her leave the house. They also brought some household items out. At the time of arrival of the next guard firefighters, flame ’ pits covered roof housing. Lnvshy exploration, they found a fire in the attic cell. According to the preliminary version of the cause of the fire could be violations of stove heating. Through skillful actions at 14:32 nadzvychaynykiv already managed to localize the fire, and at 15:35 – completely eliminated. In addition rescuers prevented overturning flame ’ I'm on householdbuilding located at few meters from the center of ignition. However, the fire managed to destroy the roof, damaging household goods. The dead and injured were found. The final cause of the fire ’ yasovuyut experts. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region