In the Potocki Palace opened the chapel of the oldest city icon

in the Potocki Palace now you can not only see the fantastic exhibition, but also to pray in the chapel with the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Lviv XV. It opened on 13 February. This correspondent. Participating in the ceremony were several dozen people. Auxiliary bishop of Lvivtion the UGCC archdiocese Benedict (Aleksiychuk) consecrated a chapel. &Laquo; This chapel was created to glorify God. In a special way this chapel praise, because there is a miraculous icon of the Virgin. It is a witness to many events that are experienced Lions. It also is a witness to the fact that people living with faith can go through all », &Ndash; said Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk). He said the opening of the chapel is significant, given the situation. &Laquo; We want to be the Mother of God and pray that it brought peace. God has no impossible things. But for him everything is possible when we believe, trust & raquo ;, – said Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk). Krafter that, during celebrations representative of the UGCC-read instrument gratitude to the Director of the Lviv National Gallery of Arts. B. Voznytsky Voznytsky by Larissa « work and significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian state & raquo ;. Larissa Voznytsky in turn said that shnye discovery is a very important event for the Art Gallery and the city. &Laquo; Boris revived palace chapel and dreamed that there was Lviv Virgin. We are happy that we have in the museum is one of the oldest icons Ukraine & raquo ;, – she said. The exhibition curator « image of Our Lady » Maria told Jay that the icon of the Lviv Virgin originates from the late fourteenth century. &Laquo; Her namalyushaft for one of the temples of the city. The city was trees ’ yanym. Often there were fire. Occasionally icon had to move to avoid being destroyed. It was not until the 30's. XVI century. During this period, it was transferred to stone ’ Ian Roman Catholic church. The image remained there until probably 1586. At this time, the Roman Catholic Church freed from Byzantine iconsrite because Lviv Virgin handed to the Armenian Church. They kept it until 1940. Since then lost it. The late Boris Voznytsky and famous art critic Vladimir Ovsiychuk looking for it. In 1985 it bought the town & raquo ;, – Maria told jay. According to « Christian portal & raquo ;, brought icon in Lvivical art gallery in June 1984 engineer Andrew Otko. Icon 40 years of hiding virmenok school teacher Mrs. Benedict Stankevich. After the death of teacher icon was in her ward – Sofia Blonsky, A. Otka mother. In the department of restoration of the gallery was exposed original author's painting, which survived without substantials losses eliminated later records XVI and XVII. Cut the top and bottom edges of the board decided not to rebuild, not renewed soil loss, toning been done. For exhibiting icon was made special microclimate frames that prevented deformation base. Major restoration work performed renowned expert Vladimir WETfirst. Icon of Our Lady of Lviv in 1987 was shown at the exhibition and catalog novorestavrovanyh became works of art dating from the proposed Voznytsky B. – XIV. Told