In the Transcarpathian region Rakhovsky rescuers found the lost tourist in the mountains

on February 21 in the district Rakhiv Petros during the route mountain range lost tourist who came to rest in Transcarpathia from the city. The group of 4 people is registered in the rescue unit, where visitors are strictly forbidden in theyhodyty the mountains because of bad weather, icing slopes and the threat of avalanches. However, lions ’ Yani not obeyed workers DSNS advice and went to conquer the summit Petros. Through the fog 41-year-old member of the campaign, which broke away from the group and lost a landmark lost. To rescue comrades call women who diedItil her disappearance. In search of climber at 14:55 representatives went mountain search and rescue departments with. Lazeshchyna and village Yassin. They always supported communications ’ lost touch with its tourist with a mobile phone, learn about the place of residence and advised where to go next. At 19:05 the woman found in the natural Keveliv Rakhivth district. Medical assistance is not needed tourist, so rescuers were taken to a place of temporary residence. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region