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Volyn region: During the week rescuers eliminated 35

fires over the last week in the Volyn region rescuers made 9 visits to conduct rescue operations, eliminated 35 fires, 7 of which arose from burning dry grass. Most fires in the living areas happened due to failure of governmentsl security, namely due to faulty furnace heating and short circuit wiring. Because of careless handling of fire unidentified persons there were 7 posushi fires in ecosystems within Lutsk, Kovel, Lyubomlsky, Rozhyshche, Manevychi regions. In four cases, the fire of dry grass fires spread to gospodarski facilities. Yes, Kovel near a fire destroyed two buildings, and Ivanychi roof and walls damaged trees ’ yanoho house. In the village of Komarovo Manevychi area of ??dry grass fire spread to a house and destroyed it by 90%. In DSNS in Volyn region