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In Ternopil held in the White practical training in shooting

About 60 members of the squad Zalischytsoho "Self Defense" participated in workshops on shooting. They held on 24 February at the range, in the village of White Ternopil region. Examined trained as acting head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan KTrotter. "The war did not begin yesterday, a year ago and now conscious Ukrainian realize that peace above all else - said Ivan Bogdanovic. - The guys from the group "Self Defense" - patriots who are prepared to protect Ukraine. We begin to recover classes defense that everyone got in much needed knowledge and skills. " Acting chairman of RSA as the emphasisSee, that mobilized men before to go to the east, are training and education. "Mobilized sent to training centers to gain practical knowledge and training only after they are sent to the destination. Once the zone ATO nobody sent "- said John Krysak. According to the head of the district administration Zalishchyky "Camooborony "Paul Lesyuk detachment created last spring. The youngest in the unit - 18, the oldest man - 60 years. "Our goal - the education of young people and training so that, if necessary to defend Ukraine against Russian aggression - said Paul Lesyuk. - We had three more training in Zalishchytsk, Chertkovsky and Borschivskomu areas. We also took an active part in the skills of in Chertkov. We live by the motto: "It's hard in training - easy in battle." Head Zalishchyky "Self Defense" also said that many members of their squad are in the east. One, unfortunately, had to eternity. His heroism is an example for others. As the battalion commander of the National hvardiyi Ukraine in Ternopil Lt. Col. Victor Shershun main purpose is to teach lessons to use weapons. "At first we reins theoretical studies, and only then - practical. Fulfills the easiest skills such as disassembly, assembly machine, equipment stores, preparing for shots from different positions, proper sighting - said Weetional Shershun. - Pursue such studies often because in addition to the ability to bear arms, you must be mentally prepared to aim not only at targets, but also on the enemy. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration