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Volyn, initiated criminal proceedings against members of the night "safari" on Horohivschyni

Prosecutors Horokhiv keeps control of the course of the preliminary investigation in the criminal proceedings on the fact of intentional damage to grain crops persons who made " Safari " planted winter wheat fields in SUVs that nibRye intended to transfer the soldiers ATO. The Prosecutor Vladimir Horokhiv Yuschyk, Gorokhovskiy District Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, on the application of the victims, included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations the fact that a group of people committing vandalism. Established that at nighttime the citizens living in Wallodymyri-Volyn and an area for illegal hunting and entertainment, on-road vehicle moving fields Ivanychiv and Horokhiv, including those where planted winter crops. These actions were identified and stopped the locals. Currently, two off-arrested by the police and placed in shtrafmaydanchyk because it turned out that they were not duly registered at registration. Participants " Safari " extracted three units of hunting weapons and ammunition to them. As for violators of public order and administrative proceedings started on violations of hunting and handling of weapons. Currently heldand check on possible violations of import cars into Ukraine in BC ’ connection with which routed requests to the appropriate customs authorities. The situation involving specialists a review. It turns out the amount of damage caused crop damage due to land users. Now set four individual citizensInvolved in committing these acts. For information about other persons specified. This was reported in the press service of the regional prosecutor's office