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In the Lviv region in Striy police reported about its work to the local community in the town

Striy meeting local residents and members of the Public Council local policeman held in all four areas of administrative services. Stryyany during direct dialogue with the police expressed their wishes and comments to the Commissiontion that district police inspectors will take into account when performing their duties. Recently in Striy indoors Striyskoy branch of the Institute of Business and Advanced Technologies met local residents with local policeman serving the administrative district that territoriality by NALezhat to public utility "Dream". Stryyanamy reports to Chief of the district police inspectors Stryisky Gorotdel Police Major Roman wolf and the district inspector of Police Lieutenant Marian Fedynets. As the main local policeman Stryj Roman Wolf, Senior Police Lieutenant Basil Fedkovich - Diehlnychnyy inspector, serving one of the largest in terms of population, street Sich Riflemen now has a service area ATO. "We wish him health and look forward to his happy return home. But I want to note that anti-terrorist operation conducted in Lugansk and Donetsk regions, but there is a continuing threat of terrorist or seeersiynyh acts throughout Ukraine. So the police together with community activists were heavily guarded transport infrastructure and other facilities which are important. However, I note that the lion's share of success in the prevention of sabotage and terrorist attacks - a vigilance of our citizens and the communication timelyscheniya of law enforcement officers found suspicious items. First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the left unsupervised way, and it can be bags, suitcases and more. In no case should thus check their contents, and immediately report the identification of such things to the police officers, "- said Chief of Police Major district inspectors RomanWolf. On the main results of its activities over the past year, the state of the operational situation in the territory of the district inspector service reported to Police Lieutenant Marian Fedynets. The police officer said that last year the district police inspectors of their service areas considered 608 appeals. Browse to the district inspector militsiyi treated with various problems, but sometimes resolve the problem within the competence of courts or other authorities. He also said that because the district Police station in the area of ??service has, reception citizens is carried out at the premises of the administrative building Stryisky Gorotdel police that optiahodytsya outside Kossak, 11. So the inhabitants of the neighborhood, if necessary, can come for a personal appointment with his district to the address provided. Locals put police officers many questions raised urgent questions, particularly regarding the resolution of conflicts with its neighbors, domestic violence and more. HeadPublic Council under Stryiskyi Gorotdel police Igor Bryk, summing up, said that the results of an anonymous survey that was conducted the day before each meeting, police forces should guide primarily to combat alcoholism and drug addiction, all kinds of theft, working with teenagers and young people as well as thepublic order and quiet at night time. Those are those issues that most concern to people living in Striy. "Based on the survey results and interviews our proposals to improve and facilitate the work of law enforcement, including the district police inspector, will be directedlocal authorities. The first will raise issues regarding the allocation of space for police precinct points. In order to, in particular older people are not looking district inspector of police Gorotdel, located in the city center, and were able to apply it according to the schedule in the district Police station near his apartment "- Said the head of the Public Council Igor Bryk. According to Igor Bryk, another line of work in which the public can help law enforcement agencies - is the implementation of pravoosvitnytskoyi population through seminars and round tables on law enforcement issues. Olga Martsynyuk, Assistant Chief of Police Stryisky Gorotdel