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The Khmelnytsky oblast winners performers on wind and percussion instruments memory of Nicholas Tymohy

recently held in Kiev Ukrainian competition of wind and percussion instruments memory of Nicholas Tymohy where students participated Khmelnytsky art school for children. This teacher students Ozhevana Vasily - coastalAlexander, who won first place, Tolordava Vladislav - second place, Gumenchuk Dmitry - second place. In a trio of trumpeters these students took third place. Ozhevan Vasily was awarded a diploma for the high professional level of students. Another instrumental ensemble consisting of: Dmitry Krysyuka (piano) teacher Chornenka Svetlana Ivanivny, Franchuk Anna (Recorder) Karpyuk teacher Natalia Yaroslavivna Medvedchuk and Andrew (guitar), teacher Rikanovskoyi Olesya Yurievna won first place in the category "ensemble." Particularly pleased and happy we welcome the winners, because among 115 students gifted children is Khmelnytsky art school for children have such high achievements. Our edgeto always full of talent and proud tradition of the best musical performance. So strap competition was extremely high for all members and for young artists and their teachers. All participants of this artistic marathon three days stay in the competition had the opportunity to experience the great pleasure of communicating with each other, withfriends, colleagues, associates, with wise mentors with young talent, and exchange of experience. We hope that this competition will be another step long, bright, creative way to artistic heights. The information was