Kyiv saw "Sugar independence" Lviv

dancers February 20, the Day of Heroes Heavenly hundreds Lviv Theatre Dance Madrin presented in the capital on stage October Palace, its latest interactive dance performance-requiem "Sugar independence", dedicated to the memory Heavenly cotni. According to the organizers of the event, with the normalwe the audience, as well as government officials and embassies of various countries, during this stage event observed native Heroes Square, the Revolution of Dignity and soldiers who were wounded in the area of ??ATO and is being treated in hospitals. Recall premiere ’ performances Pierre « Sugar independence » held in November last year Mr.and the stage of the Lviv National Drama Theater. Zankovetska. For this dance theater production Madrin – Jubilee, n ’ Fifth, also timed to the 10th anniversary team. To date show invited Kyiv Andriy Pavlenko – Advantages of the Revolution and founder of Foundation « Memory ’ memory Hundreds of Heaven & raquo ;. Pokaof the capital, the epicenter of the tragic events of February 2014 th – in October Palace Street Institute, held under the theme « Memory ’ yatayemo the dead, take care of living ... & raquo ;. Thus Kiev prime ’ Pierre « Sugar independence » was not only a tribute to Heroes hundreds of Heaven, but also about ’ united people who care toshare new heroes Ukraine. The crowd who came to the show, made donations. These funds will be used for the project unique sanitary train, which will transport the wounded from the area ATO. In the first phase the project will require about 20 million. Over staging « Sugar independence » had more than three despeople of interest. On stage were involved in more than twenty professional acrobats and dancers, famous Ukrainian through television projects « Everybody Dance & raquo ;, « Maydans & raquo ;, « X Factor & raquo ;, « I want to « VIA December & raquo ;, « Chance & raquo ;. In the theater, dance emphasize that the author of the script of their performances made by the people. As mentionsbe in the message. In the formulation of many complex acrobatic stunts and unexpected dance making. Modern choreography set to music by famous Ukrainian artists and bands. Note, some of them were on prime ’ yeri in October Palace, including Svetlana Tarabarova and members of groups « Antibodies » and « & without restrictionsraquo ;. The heroic and tragic events of the winter of 2014 at the scene revealed three stories. The first tells the story of a young couple who went to Independence, leaving a young child with her parents. The second deals with the history of two brothers who find themselves on opposite sides of the barricades. A third – of amorous couple, feelings which broke a sniper's bullet. Decorahthis performance was a barricade that dancers actors to build not just in front of the audience, but also involving her tires passed from hand to hand in the auditorium. And there were real maydanivska pavers, drums, shields and helmets, and even hot tea with sofas. &Laquo; In our performance the audience sees the expensive modern screens, 3D-scenery foroshtovnyh costumes. We dance about it. We dance on the fate of the Ukrainian people, who left the house in what was to defend the right of his choice of a better life. In « sugar Independence » we remember the beginning of a new history of our nation and honor the city ’ Five Heroes Square & raquo ;, – said author and one of the directors postanovnyKiv « Sugar & raquo ;, independence leader Madrin Art Group Kendzor-Marina Vasilyeva. &Laquo; Our performance – difficult, but after all the experiences and memories of what he saw on stage the audience out of the room inspired and ready for a new fight & raquo ;, – added another director, head of dance theater Madrin Lyudmila Savina.At the end of the play requiem everyone who worked on the staging, knelt down – as a sign of respect and city ’ memory for Heroes hundreds of Heaven. And the audience in the hall applauded standing and exclaimed: « Heroes do not die! & Raquo ;. In the coming months will see the setting in Cherkassy, ??Kherson, Warsaw. Told