Luck: "East and West together!" The Volnovas

On February 22 the central square. Volnovakha Donetsk region on the initiative of the charitable organization "I - Volnovakha" executive and local authorities took action "East and West together!". Participants, which mostly young people - calling for peace and understanding between East and West, as ASCtion was aimed at implementing ideas for networking between Volnovakha and Luck. There was also an exhibition of children's work, which told of his hometown, the best of which will be donated as gifts to members of the community of Lutsk. Children prepared sheets and posters addressed Luciano. After the speech Volnovakha Mayor SergeiDemchenko to volnovastsiv turned Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romaniuk. His audiozvernennya sent in Volnovakha electronic communication. When performing songs about Luck held a flash mob "chain Unity" (participants stretched across the square yellow and blue ribbon, raised up the state flag). On the morning of February 23 the delegation from the city. Volnovakha on ChoLee with Mayor Sergei Demchenko went in. Luck, which will be officially signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two cities. This was reported in Lutsk City Council