In the Rivne region rescuers held command and staff training authorities and civil protection units territorial subsystems unified system of civil defense

On February 11, Township of pecking Rivne region rescuers 3rd State Fire and Rescue Unit Department of Civil Service of nadzvychaynyh situations in Rivne region held a command post exercise with governments and civil defense units regional territorial subsystems unified state civil defense system and its parts. The main purpose of the exercise was to establish close cooperation between fire and rescue departments and emergency servicesand Rivne region to organize joint action to eliminate the detected Explosives on the territory Zoryanskoyi school gymnasium. At present the teachings of the first deputy head of the district administration Anatoly Stolyarchuk, head of the Rivne city district administration SU DSNS Lt. Col. Victor civil protectionMarmot, head of emergency response GU DSNS Colonel Civil Protection Sergey Pavlovsky, heads of regional civil protection services. For tactical plan, the territory Zoryanskoyi school gymnasium another employee was found object by their appearance is similar to the explosive. On finding the rightwas informed operational and rescue service by calling « 101 & raquo ;. In minutes to place a call came on duty rescue units, police, emergency crews « Rivnegaz & raquo ;, « & raquo ;, Rivneobenerho ambulance. The adjacent campus was surrounded and held immediate evacuationstudents, teachers and staff from all areas gymnasium. During the exploration it was found that the school remained tehpratsivnyk woman who fainted because of the excitement. Rescuers brought a woman home from school and transferred employees ambulance. To eliminate the consequences of an explosion and burning near wOnce school was located on guard rescue and special vehicle emergency civil protection area. Once children with teachers brought to a safe distance, pyrotechnics DSNS went into the room where the suspicious object was found and removed it. In general, in the exercise was attended by more than 20 rescuers and DSNSEmergency workers were involved in the area and 6 units of fire-rescue, special, engineering and auxiliary equipment. Summing up the command post exercises, chief city district administration SU DSNS in Rivne region, Lieutenant Civil Protection Viktor Babak thanked all involved services for the efficient and highlyprofessional actions. &Laquo; Overall objective of the exercise was achieved – Rescuers have improved their skills and potrenuvalysya coordinated work with district emergency services & raquo ;. After the training staff DSNS held for pupils display equipment and special equipment. Rescuers demonstrated chainsaw brand new cityotopompy Petrol and who gave them free use marked the village council. Everyone could try on the outfit lifeguard, sit in the fire truck and eliminate conventional fire using fire logs. From the lips of children could be heard a lot of questions about the use of a variety of means and dooty fighters State Service of the National Assembly. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region