Little Nazar from Lviv Tregub needs help, he predicted 45 days of life

Little Nazar from Lviv Tregub needs help - for a bone marrow transplant he needs more than 150 thousand euros. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv City Council. Its meter – Mar ’ Jana Tregub – Two patients kids: Senior Andriychyk has cerebral palsy, second Nazarko – acute leukemia relapse after two years of treatment. The boy predict 45 days of life, unless there is a bone marrow transplant from donor no. Surgery agreed to hold a clinic in Vienna. Seven ’ I collects funds – 150 thousand euros. Anyone who hasopportunity to help, asking Apply. Timing is everything – any help and any information about special funds that can help pay will be invaluable. Also on Monday, February 16, at 19:00 in the Lviv Philharmonic held a charity concert life Nazarka Tregub. Donation – 100 USD. Tickets are on hand Philharmonicand call 0974629246 (Yuri Fedechko). Contact with parents: +380672800231 Mar ’ Yan (English-speaking) 380 676 712 278, 380 632 506 749 Games. To raise funds hryvnia opened the score Privat: The card number 4149 6258 0785 4763 p / 29244825509100 MFO 305299 EDRPOU 14360570 Igor Tregub TIN 2740606570 All news onZarko can follow the official account on Facebook Told