In the Zhytomyr region rescuers teach the younger generation actions in case of emergency

to educate people on how to act in a given situation rescuers Zhytomyr together with interested agencies regularly conduct information-devel ’ yasnyuvalnu work. Yes, February 11 staff in DSNS in Zhytomyr atblasts together with representatives of The Interior Ministry visited Zhytomyr Road Transport National Transport University College and conducted a large-scale event aimed at bringing students to the basics of life safety. Rescuers focused on World War II munitions remaining in our raidsSTI and that people still are on private land, forest, near the reservoirs. As a whole group of pyrotechnic works DSNS management over the past year were found and destroyed more than 2500 pieces of various ammunition, three times the number killed hazardous findings of the previous year. Also involved in pyrotechnicsperforming public tasks of clearing explosive remnants territory Words ’ Jansky TPP PAT « Donbasenergo » in. Mykolaivka Donetsk region. Nadzvychaynyky students cited examples of tragic cases treated with ammunition that have occurred in the territory of Zhytomyr and explained how to behave in case of detection.The rescuers told in detail what students need to equip the so-called « disturbing suitcase » and proven information repositories civil protection in the region. Pravoohorntsi, in turn, talked about the current explosive devices, which can meet, without even knowing the danger. Also in??? provided recommendations for immediate action in case of suspicious objects similar to the explosive. According to experts, one of the main causes of accidents related ’ associated with explosive devices – gross violation of basic safety rules. Defuse the bomb or explosion can only localize prepared forWle? experts after removing people from the danger zone. So do not risk your life, just call « 101 » or « 102 & raquo ;. Currently held in enhanced large-scale work on civil protection. Rescuers involve all possible forms of propaganda. But for every ones have memory ’ in mind that under present conditions the danger can lie in wait for us anywhere we commit ’ Knitted know how to protect themselves and people close to us from harm. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region

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