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Michael Mochan: " Real Estate minions mode should be returned to state ownership "

February 20, 2015 Svoboda Irshava Khust organizations and All-Ukrainian Association " Freedom " made a joint raid to premises owned by famous " Regionals " and Communists. Nationalists and Khust Irshavchyny suggestionAlice to areas that are owned by Petro Symonenko, Dmitry Tabachnik, Viktor Medvedchuk and Nicholas Belokon. Privacy almost universally convinced that these buildings do not belong to them and have other owners. This hotel and cottages for thousands of square meters. But the scheme when oligarchs rewrite housing on others range from " family & quot ;, we know. The action was an attempt to convince the owners of luxury estates to immigrants from the Donbas temporary residence or fighters ATO for rehabilitation after treatment. Svoboda was able to talk on the phone with the owner of the cottage, we assume Petro Symonenko. &Quot; The man said that now is a business trip, but after the arrival of Mr.oobitsyav meet with us and discuss temporary accommodation of immigrants. But most likely, it's just a good word. In the afternoon there was a meeting with the head of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration Victor Hubalem and council chairman Vladimir Chubirko. The topic of conversation was the legitimate owners of buildings in the villageShayan. The purpose of our action was to raise awareness, capture photo materials educate people about these houses. Summary them for money, that years stolen from our b'yudzhetu. Because of such persons and anti-politics we have now catastrophic hole in b'yudzheti country. Real Estate minions regime should be relatedernuta to the state & quot ;, - the head of the district Irshava All-Ukrainian Association of " Freedom " Michael Mochan. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "