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Lutsk Championship among schoolchildren in sport tourism in the indoor

on Sunday, in the gym Lutsk secondary school 11 Second Degree - College held open the city of Lutsk among school children in sport tourism indoors. This year's competition committee were physical culture and sports, Department of Educationand a city of tourism, sport and local history student youth of the City Council, and they were dedicated to the memory of Heroes Hundreds of Heaven. The aim of the competition was: patriotic education of youth, development and promotion of sport tourism as an effective means of enhancing the role of physical culture and sports, comprehensive harmonious development waspsobystosti, promoting a healthy lifestyle; improve sports skills, identify the best athletes and sharing of experience of the competition between the coaches of sports tourism. In the race came about a hundred participants from Starovyzhevskiy, Lutsk region, as well as students from the regional center. At the opening ceremony welcomed yunysportsmen's deputy chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the City Council Andrew Frost and director of the city center of tourism, sport and local history student youth Andrew Yerko. A minute of silence the participants pom'yanuly Hundreds of Heaven Heroes who fought and gave their lives for a decent future Ukraine. Competitions were held on the separatemo among boys and girls born in 2003 and the younger, born in 2002-2001, 2000-1999, born and 1998 born and older. As a result of passing the distance, a group of twelve, where 38 athletes competed, the winners were: Anna Panasyuk from Old Vyzhevka (coach Oksana Yaskulska) and Bogdan Symus with slides Polonka (Andrew Vostrikov). Among the 27 fourteenLuciana's athletes won - Daria Pisarchuk (Basil Voytovych) and Vladislav Sharun (Taras Miller). In the group of sixteen 21 participants also had no equal Luciano - Yulia Kolesnikova (Victoria Melymuka) and Anton Shevchuk (Andrew Yerko Oleg Cherchyk). Under the oldest and most experienced, which was represented only 9 athletes MoveOSU again celebrated Luciana - Anna Klimchuk (Basil Voytovych) and Dmytro Tymoshchuk (Yaroslav Wolynetz). After the competition winners in all age groups were awarded diplomas, certificates and medals from the organizers. Department of Education of the City Council (724 800, 728 058) This was reported in Lutsk City Council