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Traffic police officers stopped the car of Rivne with amber (+ photos)

This weekend inspectors platoon DPS VDAI service Rivne stopped the car brand "Hyundai Santafe," the driver who was carrying stones brown, looks like a raw amber. Last Saturday platoon DPS employees VDAI service Rivne served by SARezpechennyu road safety on the streets of Stepan Bandera, 45 regional center. About 21 hours worth of roads stopped the car "Hyundai Santafe" running the 26-year-old city of Kyiv. During the inspection of documents noticeably nervous passenger car driver that caused suspicion of law enforcement. During the external inspection of carsA traffic police found a plastic bag in which there were almost three kilograms of brown stone, looks like a raw amber. At the scene inspectors called investigative team. A stone is removed and sent for examination. The event is registered in the journal Common accounting statements and reports on committed criminal claimravoporushennya and other events Rivne CF MIA. Being check. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region