In the Rivne region agricultural training topics are popular among unemployed

Thematic training for unemployed people living in rural areas, held February 18 in Sarnensky regional employment center. Rural unemployed curiously accepted the information on trainings sounded "Safe methods of pest control andplant diseases "and" 1000 kg of potatoes with weave - possible "a representative of" Image-Partner "Oleg Kutia. Such training is very important for rural residents, because each of them has its Farming and potatoes in Polesie - the main agricultural product. The audience was looking to gain new knowledge about technologygrowing potatoes on the principles of organic farming, learn new techniques Machinery. The coach shared his experience of using special technologies of potato and means of pest management, which is primarily interested participants. Farmers received practical advice on increasing crop yields andimprove their quality, received competent answers to your questions about agriculture in modern conditions. Training agricultural direction with great success among the unemployed, because not only villagers, but residents of the city in the present difficult time growers on their agricultural land plots. The participants received a gift of handouts, which can improve their experiences and use in practice to do agricultural work. This was reported in Rivne city employment center