In the Transcarpathian region Mukachevo police interact with "difficult" teenagers on preventive register

of the criminal police for children is about 30 minors and of Mukachevo Mukachevo district. These are children who once took the wrong path and committed the offense. Factors such as lack of parental attention, catchconsumption of alcohol, teen unemployment, family problems significantly contribute to the occurrence of minor offenses. Guardians sector for criminal police for Children constantly dealing with such children, communicate, study climate in families where they are educated. Detective sector to criminal policeMarina Ilto children came two teenagers 16 and 17 years. Both boys convicted of property crimes - theft and robbery. One of the guys systematically stole money from his many children a single mother, another nearby hostel one of Mukachevo colleges engaged pohrabunkamy peer-students. Both boys convicted and are inaccounting for committing criminal offenses. Definitely say whether committed regret - boys can not complain about their parents, unjust and unworthy attitude on the part of adults. Also guys, almost refuse access to education, consider themselves as adults too for that matter. It tells the Chief of the CDyminalnoyi police for children Soskida Basil - that in 14-17 years is the formation of character formation principles of life. And very often teenagers fall in this period influenced the street and not at all law-abiding peers or older friends. And here - and the roots of juvenile delinquency. To solve this problem can only be jointtheir efforts. Adults should communicate more with the baby, bring it by example, putting the concept of humanity, kindness and justice. Because if a child's parents are not involved, it certainly "will" Street, and later - the police. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA