In Ternopil police searching for the thieves who stole from the apartment pensioner 9000 UAH

thousand nine kidnapped by two men Roma apartments with 77-year-old resident of the village Tylyavka Shumsky district. Law enforcement officers are searching for thieves. According to the victim, at her home on the pretext of selling blankets went unknown ageom 25-30 years. Sellers proposed pensioner product and have promised to make substantial discount. Woman gave blankets 300 UAH. The woman decided to take 10 pieces, for all the grandchildren. I went for the money. Expelled 3000 USD. The remaining is six thousand put on the refrigerator and went on the pill for the guest, who suddenly headache. KAnd if returned - not found neither sellers nor blankets or nine thousand. On robbery pensioner told police. The police are searching for thieves. Currently, they have made a sketch and set the vehicle on which the attackers moved. The event included a single register of pre-trial investigations under Article 185 part 1 - theft.Guardians appeal to all the inhabitants of the land to be careful and remember that other people in the apartment can not be let. To penetrate into the apartment and stealing valuables experienced thieves enough for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes, when thieves are in the apartment longer. What if attempting to steal when you are at home, or it has occurred- If the same home, no need to open the door to unknown people; - If criminals are trying to open the door to the apartment, and they are durable and reliable closed, you should first call the police department and let them know about it neighbors. If there is any doubt that reliable protection, you must first secure the door any heavy object; - If dVery apartments to open when you came, the apartment can not go. We must turn to neighbors to call the police and watch the flat to their arrival. If someone is in an apartment, you close the door and leave it in the lock. If the apartment is robbed no one, leave everything in place without moving, until the arrival of the police;- Leave the keys to a safe place, do not keep them in the pockets of clothing. If keys are lost - immediately change the lock. If you are robbed, immediately call the line "102". It is timely call law enforcement will quickly solve the crime. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region