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In Uzhgorod traffic police together with journalists showed violators of traffic rules

Only a 40-minute joint raid on the area and Petofi Square Friendship of Peoples in Uzhgorod was found 8 violations of traffic rules. Which method is better: prevention or punishment? Practice shows that most of the drivers even punishment becomes a lesson for the future. During raidsin with journalists traffic police were 8 reports on st.122 Part 1 CAO (Faulty stop or parking). An interesting was the fact that most drivers violent - women. Lady driving even all knew that violate traffic rules, parkuyuchys on sidewalks or pedestrian crossings on ... But the inspectors did not quarrel, peaceyno provided documents to the minutes. Usually inspectors spend a lot of time to make up administrative protocol on the offender. But now, apparently due to the presence of journalists offenders not arguing ... While some male offenders, as opposed to the fair sex, behaving emotionally, someone phoned, buriedface from cameras and camcorders. Petofi Square in Uzhgorod - is one of the most troubled places in terms of parking machines. Even adminprotokol drawn on offenders does not serve them a lesson for the future. From now on patrol, the next day, inspectors recorded in the same place on the eve fined machine ... And onlunch after morning raid the entire area was crowded cars ... If we consider ourselves civilized people and strive to Europe, and we live by European standards. Including and park, as required by the SDA. Maybe we should start with changing ourselves? .. UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region