In the Rivne region Polesie entrepreneurs has increased

Right of initiative three groups of unemployed graduated in Rivne center of vocational education state employment rates for the purpose of "novice entrepreneur." For maximum convenience listeners sessions were as close as possible to the place of residence - in Sarnenskomu academic department RTSPTO PES and employment centers Volodymyretz and Rokytne. Unemployed studied the fundamentals of a market economy and managing their own business, legal regulation of business, basis of accounting, tax and accounting business, marketing strategy and business planning. To realize their business ideas hearingAci using specialists have developed business plans. Among the activities, which plan to realize themselves unemployed - manufacture of metal products, cultivation and sale of green, providing hairdressing services, freight transportation, printing and accounting services, landscaping, industrial production and trade of food, etc.Owari. They want to start a small business and three unemployed who have moved on, the region of Luhansk region. For example, Oksana will Sh cultivation and sale of quails, Anastasia E. planning in business to make your creative skills to create and design knitted gifts. Grow and sellrabbit wants Tatiana G. In the employment centers novice entrepreneurs help financially - pay them once all relevant unemployment. This was reported in Rivne city employment center