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City of Rivne ekonomytymut gas through an agreement mayors

Rivne, Dubno and Kuznetskov implement energy projects under the Covenant of Mayors. This is the head of the EU initiative "Covenant of Mayors" Svyatoslav Pavlyuk. According to him, these cities are signatories of this agreement and currently preparing plans for EU funds for projects in energy-ezhennya. Meanwhile, in order to attract more participants European initiative for the rest of the city and village heads Rivne region represented all the positive aspects of the project. In general, according to Svyatoslav Pavlyuk signatories Covenant of Mayors is already over 90 Ukrainian cities. Joining the Covenant provides local optherefore also power to implement in their territories energy saving projects, use of alternative fuels. As a result, reducing consumption of fuel resources, community ekonomytymut their money. "The obligations of the city under this agreement - is to hire a manager and write an action plan for sustainable development of energy for 1 year from the cityomentu signature. During the year, we provide information support, conduct trainings. The next step is writing financial documents to international donors to finance energy efficiency projects, "- said Svyatoslav Pavlyuk. According to him, the European Commission, starting in March, will give Ukraine 450 million euros on rementation measures enerhomenedzhentu and energy saving. This was reported in the Rivne City Council