In Lutsk, a tournament table hockey

February 19 at "White Rook" (st. Builders, 11) at the town center physical health "Sport for All" was organized and held a tournament table hockey clubs for children place of residence. In the event was attended by boys and girls born in 2001 and younger. Vprodovzh competition participants with great zeal sought to show himself nayvpravnishymy in table hockey battles. The competition was held on the Olympic system, so needed a high concentration, precise coordination and perseverance. Table hockey game is very dynamic. Within 5 minutes of playing time the situation was changing at lightningth speed. As a result of fierce fighting among girls nayvpravnishymy hokeyistkamy are: Valery Blazhenchuk (club "Failure") - place, Elena Lebedeva (club "Luchesk") - second place, Sofia Palayevska (club "Luchesk") - third place. Among the boys and took place Andrei Filipov (club "Odyssey"). The second was Dmitri Myronyuk (club "Arrow") and third placeJohn won Potapchuk (club "Odyssey"). Winners received diplomas and sweet gifts from the city center physical health "Sport for All", and all participants of the tournament unforgettable emotions of victories and failures. City center physical health "Sport for All" (720 335) This was reported in Lutsk City Council